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Specialist retailers or liquorstores whom want to organise a winetasting, restaurants whom want to train their personell, advise on the perfect wine – food pairing, a group of friends who want to hoste a wine tasting in their house. We can do it.

The ADVANCED WINE CLUB has been created by C. de Ruiter-Murphy, a senior specialist in importing and distributing wines. In first instance trained as a manager in business administration but also completed the international expert winestudy of the Wines & Spirits Education Trust, called Diploma Course. She is the creative director of a ‘blind’ wine tasting group for students of the WSET courses in The Netherlands.

An enthusiastic team, always prepared to share knowledge with wine-lovers, companies and whoever wants to know more about the pleasure which can be experienced in knowing more about wines and the way they are made.

Would you like to receive more information or have you a great idea, in which you could use our expertise?

We offer several workshops in each of the wine and spirits categries. We can also hoste a ‘private’ tasting session in which you taste and discuss the wines, with the wine expert and after the session ->  you will know which wines YOU like as you will have discovered YOUR STYLE! The wine-expert will summarize your feedback and provide you with a list of grapevarieties/wines which you will most probably enjoy at any given time. This list will be printed out on a business card size, which fits in your purse, to be carried with you at all times…. You never know when the next occasion of enjoying wine will occur. It will come in handy, when choosing your wines in the wine shop, or in the restaurant you are visiting.

We offer professional expertise for owners of wineshops, pubs or restaurantowners whom wish to train their staff or simply spoil their clients with a lovely winetasting. We can also provide thematic workshops on specific regions/ countries/ grapes.

Please contact us for an offer via : info@advancedwineclub.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Advanced Wine Club – The Expert Team


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